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The Sunshine State is rightly named: Pleasantly warm temperatures and lots of sunshine make Florida to a paradise for outdoor friends and bathers. However, due to different climate zones, the weather differs considerably in the individual parts of the state. Here is the most important information about the climate and the best travel time in the individual regions.


The major cities of Pensacola, Tallahassee and Jacksonville are in the north of the state. The climate is humid-subtropical with mostly warm temperatures. In the winter months of December and January the mercury can drop to up to 42,8° Fahrenheit. Temperatures rise continuously in spring before peaking in July.

June brings an abrupt increase in rainfall, with most precipitation falling in September. Then vacationers can expect around 14 rainy days a month. If you want to visit the beaches of Jacksonville, the months April to July and October to November are well advised: Then the amount of rain and the risk of hurricanes are limited and the sea water is warm enough for swimming.


Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the visitor magnets in the southeast of Sunshine State. Here there is a tropical monsoon climate with less temperature fluctuations than in the north. The values do not drop below 59 ° Fahrenheit even in winter, while the months of May to October have consistently hot maximum temperatures of 86 to 91,4 ° Fahrenheit. The amount of rain increases steadily over the course of the year and peaks in August. Rain falls on average over 16 days. Heat storms are also not uncommon. It usually rains in the afternoon, but long-lasting rainfall is rare.

Even in summer, vacationers can still count on enough sunshine. The hurricane season prevails from June to November, which can result in violent hurricanes. The more popular travel time is represented by the winter months. Then many vacationers from colder regions of the USA visit the southeast of Florida, which is also reflected in the prices. The months of April and May offer a good compromise between costs and ideal holiday weather. Fortunately, the water temperatures off the coast of Southeast Florida are warm enough for swimming all year round.


The situation in the center of the state is similar. In and around the large cities of Tampa, Kissimmee and Orlando, the winters are relatively cool and dry, the summers are hot and humid. Unlike in the north, the thermometer only drops to 48,2 ° Fahrenheit in the months of December to February. The days of April and May have the most hours of sunshine before the temperatures climb to a record 91,4 ° F between June and September.

October and November mark a decrease in both temperatures and rainfall. Not only the pleasant weather makes spring and autumn the ideal travel time for Central Florida. The number of visitors flocking to Orlando’s amusement parks during the summer vacation is also slowing somewhat in these months.


The vacation paradises Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and the Florida Keys attract guests with warm temperatures all year round. In the tropical southwest of the state, the temperatures are still a pleasant 77 ° Fahrenheit even in winter. There is also a moderate level of humidity. No wonder that winter is the most popular time for “snowbirds” from the north. The thermometer rises to 91,4 ° Celsius from June to September. Precipitation also increases significantly in the summer months.

In July and August there is an average of 23 days of rain, but long-term rain showers are rare. Hurricanes can also be expected in the summer months before it gets cooler and drier again in October. Perfect for all beach vacationers: The water is warm enough for swimming all year round.


The fascinating landscape of the Everglades stretches between the west and east coasts of Florida. This vast prairie landscape turns into a network of branched waterways in the rainy season – home to alligators, crocodiles, turtles and numerous other animals. From October, the amount of water decreases and many animal residents retreat to the remaining lakes – perfect for watching them on a boat tour. The winter months also offer the chance to see Florida’s famous manatees. Then the manatees seek shelter in the warm waters of the Everglades.


Florida annual climate chart.



With its warm climate and picturesque coastline, the Sunshine State attracts numerous bathers every year. For example, the city of Palm Beach: Those who long for a relaxed retreat will find a stretch of coast with white sand beach under palm trees at Lake Worth Beach, and visitors can enjoy romantic sunsets on the pier. Off the coast of West Palm Beach, Peanut Island is a popular destination for snorkelers thanks to the clear water and the colorful schools of fish. Around the city of Naples, bathers have the choice between beaches close to the center with all amenities and protected coastal areas where you can not only swim, but also watch rare birds. Party holidaymakers are in the right place in Daytona Beach, the venue for the annual spring break.

Those who prefer to be secluded on a Florida vacation can spend relaxing hours on the beach at Lovers Key State Park near Cape Coral. This stretch of coast was previously only accessible by boat and promises bathing fun in untouched nature. If you are looking for a particularly beautiful photo motif, you should head to the lighthouse in Lighthouse Beach Park. You can also collect beautiful shells here. Surfers are at the right place on Florida’s Cocoa Beach with its entry-friendly waves. Already from the plane, visitors can take a look at the coral reefs of the Florida Keys, a largely uninhabited island group. An abundance of marine animals such as barracudas, surgeon fish, rays and even sea turtles can be found here. At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, visitors can dive to a sunken Spanish shipwreck. Special mention should be made of Venice Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, and not just because of the pure white sand and the turquoise blue water: here bathers can not only collect shells, but also fossil shark teeth – the perfect souvenir from a vacation in Florida.

One of the most beautiful landscapes to visit on a trip to Florida is the Everglades. This extensive network of swamps and rivers is best explored by airboat. A photo with a baby alligator is of course part of the experience, while you can watch the adult specimens in the brackish water of the mangroves. Another animal native to Florida comes very close to visitors in Kings Bay: Here it is permitted to snorkel with manatees that approach people without fear. But colorful fish and sea turtles can also be admired off the coast. The best time to travel to enjoy the scenic beauty of Florida is from December to May. Then the weather is friendly and the rainfall is limited. Florida has a hurricane season from August to October. Heavy rainfall and storms can be expected during this time.


The proximity to picturesque beaches is a major reason for many to visit or even move to Tampa. Clearwater Beach is just 35 minutes’ drive from Tampa and bathers will be happy with fine white sand, clear water and excellent cleanliness are delighted. Water sports, restaurants, boutiques and beach resorts are everywhere. Of course: Clearwater Beach is not deserted. And in spring, Clearwater’s beaches turn into an exuberant springbreak party – if not comparable to the crowds in Daytona Beach or Panama City.

Those who like it quieter should head to the equally beautiful Indian Rocks Beach 10 kilometers south. Its proximity to the airport attracts Ben T. Davis Beach, the largest public beach in Tampa, and dogs splash around in the sea at Brohard Paw Park & ​​Beach. Anyone who not only enjoys peace and quiet, but also wants to collect colorful seashells should visit the offshore island of Sand Key.

The small island of Honeymoon Island is not just for honeymoons. 6 kilometers of pristine sandy beach awaits guests there. The island is also a paradise for nature lovers who want to observe water birds such as pelicans, herons and sea eagles on a hike. Honeymoon Island is also ideal if you want to see dolphins in Florida. The marine mammals are easy to spot from the shore. A boat is not necessary because the island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The trip from Tampa takes about 40 minutes.

Treasure Island should be high on the list of beach lovers. Only 6,000 people live on the small island, which is known for its fine sandy beach and pristine dune landscape. The sea is turquoise blue and very clean. It is not uncommon for bathers to see colorful fish in the water just off the coast.

If you want to get to know the flora and fauna of Florida on a hike, you should go to Lettuce Lake Park 20 minutes north of Tampa by car. The 97-hectare wetland, which is crossed by the Hillsborough River, is a refuge for water birds, squirrels, turtles and even alligators. Visitors explore the park comfortably on wooden walkways and let their gaze wander over the idyllic river landscape from a lookout tower.

Hillsborough River Park, 35 minutes’ drive away, is perfect for kayaking, and it features adventurous rapids. But camping, picnics, bike tours, swimming, horse riding and hiking are also popular activities in this natural paradise. For history buffs, a detour to the reconstructed Fort Foster is worthwhile – a holdover from the Indian wars of the 19th century.


A must-see attraction that is a must for any Florida vacation is Disneyworld in Orlando, the world’s largest theme park. Since 1971, the amusement complex has attracted visitors with its roller coasters, fairytale backdrops and cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and co.

With so many attractions, it is difficult to make a selection: small visitors will be amazed at the sight of Cindarella’s castle, while science fiction fans in the EPCOT theme park are just right. The huge “Spaceship Earth” ball is visible from afar, taking visitors on a journey through the history of human communication.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests get to see spectacular stunt shows and those who don’t get enough of films should visit Universal Studios Florida. Here, guests let themselves be carried away into the magical world of Harry Potter and save the world from robots in the 3D roller coaster Transformers, while the little guests get in touch with the sweet Minions.

The heavyweights of the American amusement parks also include Sea World Florida. Dolphins and hurricanes are just as at home here as sharks, sea otters and penguins. In the Dolphin Nursery, visitors can learn everything there is to know about the way dolphins live, and there are also plenty of exciting roller coasters at Sea World.

Families on vacation in Fort Myers should visit the Imaginarium Science Center. Thanks to its interactive exhibits, the science museum is also a highlight for children: in addition to exhibitions from the world of science with exciting do-it-yourself experiments, the museum also has aquariums where guests can feed fish like stingrays. A special highlight awaits visitors near the city of Tampa. Rides with a true-to-original pirate ship are offered here, including a privateer dinner and pirate duels with water pistols.